Dodge ball Tournament 2010

Mercy Watkins

Although 15 teams competed, Team DB (Downey Baseball) was triumphant in winning the 4th annual Dodge Ball Tournament in the gym on Friday, April 2.

Teams were formed across the campus from different clubs, sports and classes. The favorites to win were Wolf Pack (the all girl team), The Divas (a group of guys dressed up as women), The Band Geeks (people from band and one person from color guard,) The Oreos, (an all Freshmen team), AP students, from (AP English classes) and Smash Bros., (a group of guys dressed up as different characters).

The top three teams were DB (Downey Baseball), The Oreos and The Rhinos. Other prizes were given out to teams that did not place.

“We might not have placed as we wanted to but it was fun to play. We showed that dodge ball is not only a guy sport,” Ilene Rico (captain of Wolf Pack) said.

The Consolation Champion was awarded to Master Ballers for defeating the bragging rights teams. The winners of the best costume award were the Smash Bros, whose costumes such represented Nintendo game icons Mario and Luigi, Spartacus from the movie 300, and many other characters.

In the first round The Master Ballers went up against The Oreos and were followed up by The Divas vs. Super Smash Bros. Each team that lost in their first round had a chance to redeem themselves by playing another losing team. Close to the end of the tournament, losing teams competed for “bragging rights” to show who worked the hardest to get to the top. The Divas were disqualified in their bragging rights match for cheating, when one of their players wouldn’t go to the benches when he was struck out.

The Oreos are already getting ready for next year’s tournament. Jerry Pardo the team captain plans on The Oreos being the 1st place champions for next year’s tournament.

“Since we’re freshmen its ok that we lost. We came in as the underdog and we got pretty far in this competition but next year we’re playing to win.” Pardo said.

The Rhinos received third place and were satisfied with getting as far as they got.

“It’s cool that we won third but we should have beat DB. Next time we wont be so nice.” Rhino’s captain said.

DB (Downey Baseball) celebrated their victory by eating at Red Robin after the game. Alex Jimenez was proud of how his team had played.

“Its what we’re use to, we play hard,” Jimenez said.

Overall the game was exciting. There were many close games and only the best went to the last round. Next year’s Dodge ball tournament is already being anticipated, since there will be both alumni and new teams.