Baseballers sweep the pirates

Cole Hundtoft

On April 23rd, an unusually chilly California night, the Boys’ Varsity Baseball team defeated their rival the Paramount Pirates, for the third time this season, with a final score of 3-2. Downey and Paramount’s rivalry isn’t what it seems. Four years ago, a travel baseball team named Tomateros de California was composed of Paramount and Downey players, so when these players separated and got to season in their own school’s team, of course there was going to be a bit more emotion than friendly competition.

Downey’s first pre-season game against Paramount was similar to their third. Both teams fought to remain dominant throughout the game, but in the end, senior Joshua Collazo hit a home run and allowed Downey to pull ahead in a 3-2 win.

You would think that losing to the Vikes would give the Pirates some insight into how Downey’s boys play and possibly give them a chance to exploit their flaws. Wrong. Downey trumped Paramount at their home base again with a score of 7-1.

“We came out strong and scored five runs in the first inning,” senior Erick Gomez said.

After getting embarrassed twice at their own home, Paramount traveled to Downey and the Pirates came out swinging.

“I knew it was going to be intense,” Yamel Delgado said.

The Vikes were having trouble getting to home base and trailed the Pirates in points for the majority of the game. In the third inning Paramount got two runs over Downey and put them on the offensive. In the bottom of the fifth inning Downey’s athletes put points on the scoreboard and kept the game tied at 2-2 until late in the final inning.

For the second time against Paramount, Collazo became Downey’s last chance at ending the game without extra innings.

“Paramount was a big game,” Collazo said, “I knew if we won we would have a good chance at winning league.”

With two outs, two strikes, three balls, and bases loaded, only one, final pitch stood between a third triumph over the Pirates and an eighth inning against Downey’s rivals. Collazo didn’t swing for the Pirate pitcher’s high-thrown ball and was given a game-winning walk to first base.

A trinity of success for Downey’s baseball squad. The boys defended their reputation and sent Paramount home with a stronger rivalry for next year.