Softball against all odds

John Fanco

The softball team is a place where they shoot for the best they can be, with togetherness, and that’s a win.

The softball season is soon beginning but the season is not what leaves memories, it’s the feeling that the athletes get when they’re on the team.

“There is no clash, everyone gets along,” Katie Medina said. “We are focused on one goal: winning that CIF title.”

The team has put their differences aside and has focused on the honor of success as stated by many players. They work out of the usual and not work as a team, but emphasize working as a family.

The team also states that they are ready and dependable. They have a lot of experience and they all have leadership skills.

“We are a good team, I know we can win,” Celena Vasquez said.

On the other hand, team captains are working hard to hopefully make them ready for what comes upon them. This season they are hoping for a league title.

“We have the players, we have the potential, and we make sure the team is ready for anything,” captain Eileen Rico said. “They need the desire to play.”

Rico is a three year player on the team, and she knows that they can accomplish their goals. Her motive is to make sure that the team has the motivation to play.

“I want closure. I want to leave Downey with that CIF Title,” Rico said. “It’s a reward to show that we are winners.”

On the team there is a family feeling. Almost all the players have been playing together since they were children.

“We hangout on the weekends, we bond, and we can relate with each other,” Rico said.

The softball team is not only a team, it’s also a family. The girls come together and show that they are focused on playing their sport.