Not so brave after all

Crystal Fresquez

Boys’ Varsity Lacrosse defeated their cross-town rival the Bosco Braves 21-1 at Allen Lynne Stadium on March 8th. With the Braves as their opponent the guys knew they had to bring their “A game” in order to beat Bosco.

“Going into the game I was excited and hyped but at the same time nervous because it was our rival game,” Leopoldo Marquez said. “I just wanted to give it my all and help the team show Bosco that this is our house!”

What seemed to be a tough match resulted in a complete dominance in the home team’s behalf, leaving the scoreboard 18-0 at halftime.

Throughout the game the home defense worked hard to pressure early and release their offense, which also played intensely finding open slots to goal.

“Our offense did a good job moving the ball up the field quickly,” senior captain Joseph Silva said. “There was good ball movement.”

Silva was a core player in the attacking third of the field and was able to find the back of the net six times while assisting two goals. Captain Jonathan Flores also managed to score twice and assist two goals.

“Everyone worked together and weren’t selfish with the ball,” Flores said. “It gave everyone a look for the goal.”

Teamwork was definitely the key to the Boys’ Lacrosse outcome. With such a lead the team was able to play everyone, giving an equal chance to those who don’t usually get much field time.

Once the clock hit zero the home team pulled off a 21-1 victory that players enjoyed, as they sent the Braves home with only one point on the scoreboard.