Baseball hoping to clinch a league title yet again

John Franco

It’s now March and the Viking Baseball Team is preparing for a new season. This year their motivation is to continue their reputation as the 2009 league title holders.

The baseball team is looking forward to a league title, just as last season the team had 21 wins and 6 losses, clinching the honor of a league title.

This season is going to be different as the team is losing one varsity spot, and is moving up prior JV members to the more challenging varsity team.

“Everyone is getting new positions this year; it’s going to be harder,” Franz Jacinto said. Jacinto has been playing on the team since freshman year, and he can see all the changes that are happening around him.

“We are a pretty good team; we have a dominating pitcher and defense is good,” Jacinto said, “but overall some minor improvements can be made.”

They have included a new philosophy this year: no selfishness! Many of the players emphasized that this year there will be no selfish tactics on the team, and teamwork is all that they will be using.

“It’s a team effort,” center fielder Josh Guerra said, We have to be in this together.”

Guerra feels optimistic about this season and he knows they can accomplish big things. The players describe the team as intense, hardworking, and optimistic. Their goal is to keep pride when they play and show competitors who’s boss.

With their running, conditioning, and their extensive workouts, coaches have made the team stronger and hopefully ready for anything.

“We will get that league title once again,” Coach Wade said. He is very confident about his players and he knows their priority is to win. Many players are discussing new tactics and things they can do to lead the team to victory.

“On my part I need to step it up.” Lorenzo Cardenas said. “I need to show leadership and guide the underclassmen to victory,” being pitcher has left him with several responsibilities.

Training has been intense for him, as they are preparing him for starting pitcher this season. “In order to win you have to work hard, be strong, and be the best you can be,” Cardenas said. “We have to work to our potential.”

While the team is preparing and working very hard, they also have a taste of fun. On the varsity team there is a more laid back atmosphere.

Unlike most teams always keeping a game face on, they try to make it fun, but “We turn up the intensity when it comes to games,” Cardenas said.

The players don’t do it for the coach; rather they do it for Downey. They want to be league title holders of the 2010 season.

For now the team is working to get there, striving to succeed. They train, and they practice daily. Now, it’s time to see what challenges will be brought upon the varsity Baseball team.