Game above all games

Wendy Mora

Girls Varsity Basketball and Downey Dance performed at the Staples Center on Jan. 4th as a grant for their effort and cooperation as a team. It’s rare for any high school to have the privilege of having their games take place in this arena. As anxiety raced through their veins, the two teams prepared to make the school proud. Hard work, time, and commitment was rewarded with the opportunity of performing that night.

Senior dancer, Sharlene Guzman said, “It’s an experience that you can only live once and as a senior it’s even more special than just performing; it’s the cherry on top of the four years at Downey.”

The dance team was extremely enthusiastic while strutting their moves across the Clippers home court. Many of the dancers actually felt as if they were one of the Clipper Spirit girls. Performing at the Staples Center was an exceedingly thrilling event for the team.

Player, Anissa Segura said, “Being a sophomore on a varsity team feels overwhelming enough, and knowing that I’ll be playing on the same court as professional basketball players is exciting, but nerve wrecking.”

The girls were overwhelmed just with the thought of knowing that in a few hours the Clippers too would be playing on the same court. Many of their favorite teams, including the Lakers, have used the court as well as sat in the same seats.

Senior varsity player, Katie Marifian said, “This game is very important because it’s the last time I’ll play Santa Fe and I really want to beat them!”

Their persistent perseverance showed throughout the entire game. Leaving the final score of 53 to 66. The girls worked hard and did their best until the last buzzer. Even then they congratulated Santa Fe and left the arena with their heads held high knowing they made Downey proud.