Honoring Important Veterans of America

Denise Rodriguez, Photographer

Veterans are important to remember and honor because of their duty and hard work for our country. Here are important veterans of America listed below:


Audie Leon Murphy: 

Murphy is known as a legend in his time because he was a war hero, movie actor, poet, and a writer of country songs. He was born on June 20, 1924 on a sharecropper farm in Texas. He had been refusing enlistment in both the marines and the paratroopers from being too small and underweight. However, he then enlisted in the U.S. army a few days after his eighteen birthday. After basic training at Camp Wolters, Texas he entered advanced training at Fort Meade, Maryland, and Murphy went overseas. Because of his courage and leadership skills, Murphy earned a battleship commission. He then earned thirty three awards, citations, and decorations. After acting in four four films and starring in thirty nine of them, he joined the 36th Infantry Division of the Texas National Guard and served with it until 1966. Unfortunately, he was killed in a plane crash on a mountain top near Roanoke, Virginia on May 28, 1971. His grave site is near the amphitheater and is the 2nd most visited grave site year round. He should be remembered since he was the greatest soldier in the 200 year history of the United States. 

George Washington: 

Washinton was the commander in chief of the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War and served two terms as the first U.S. president from 1789 to 1797. Wahsinton worked as a surveyor then fought in the French and Indian War. In the American Revolution, Washington successfully brought the colonial forces to a victory over the British and became a national hero. After his accomplishments in the army, he was elected president of the convention that wrote the U.S. Constitution. Two years later, Washington became America’s first president. He led the beginning of a legacy of strength, integrity, and national purpose. However, he died at his Virginia plantation at the age of 67. He is an important person to note not just because of his work in the office but also because of his hard work doing service for America. 

Theodore Roosevelt: 

Roosevelt ranks in the top tier beloved American veterans among U.S. presidents but is also an important figure in service. Roosevelt is known for his heroic battlefield performance in Cuba in 1898 and also for his successful efforts to bolster U.S. military power between 1897 and until the year of his death, 1919. Roosevelt had such a commitment for giving service to America that he resigned from his position as assistant secretary of the Navy to organize and lead into combat a regiment of soldiers. In his term as a president, TDR managed to create the U.S. navy, making it the world’s second powerful and also institutionalize a naval building program for the long term. He is undoubtedly one of the most beloved and respected veterans of America. 

George Patton:

Patton was born and raised in the San Gabriel Mountains of California. At a very young age, Patton decided on a military career. After studying a year at the Virginia Military Institute, Patton won an appointment to the United States Military Academy. During World War I,  Patton served as a personal aide to General John J Pershing and later commanded a tank brigade. After that, he earned a Distinguished Service Medal and the Purple Heart. Patton became one of the most famous American military commanders during World War II. He was known for his beloved and charismatic personality by his soldiers but he was distrusted by superiors. He won victories at Sicily, Normandy, North Africa, and led his men in Germany in 1945. His unprecedented career sadly ended when he passed away in a car accident in December 1945. 


Dwight Eisenhower: 

Dwight D Eisenhower was the third child out of seven sons in a poor household. Dwight or also known as Ike won an appointment to the US Military Academy at West Point, New York and graduated in the middle of his class in 1915. After World War I ended, Eisenhower won an appointment to the Command and General Staff college in Kansas. He graduated first in his class and served as a military aide to General John J Pershing and then later to General Douglass MacArthur. In September of 1941, he earned his first general’s star with a promotion to brigadier general.   Eisenhower was a supreme commander of Allied forces in Western Europe during World War II and led the massive invasive of Nazi- occupied Europe on D-Day. After many victorious forces in Europe after only five years, Eisenhower returned home in 1945 to a hero’s welcome to serve as the chief of staff for the U.S. Army.