LAUSD making Vaccines mandatory- Informational

Deborah Diaz, Photographer

 Los Angeles Unified School District has approved COVID-19, for 12 year olds and older. ABC News states “The plan requires students age 12 and older who take part in in-person programs to have a first vaccine dose by Oct. 3, and their second no later than Oct. 31. All other students aged 12 and up would be required to receive their first dose by November 21, and their second dose by December 19”.


The Los Angeles District does this to protect children’s health.  According to​​ the principal Nick Melvoinl, “about 90% of his schedule over the last month of school has been COVID protocols. We’re already seeing in instances where kids are vaccinated that we can go back to a normal school day”, states CBS News.


This means no more COVID cases rising and students being able to wear NO MASK to school. A parent named Bryna Makowka has a 15 year old who attends LAUSD says, vaccine mandates go too far… This is no one’s right but the parent and child to make”. She is against the vaccines, and believes no one else should make their decisions on whether or not they should get the vaccine.  LAUSD will be the first nation’s major school district to adopt a mandate.