Venezuela: The Worst Blackout in History

Nicole Alvarez, Co-Editor-In-Chief

Venezuela has been in crisis since 2013 when president Hugo Chavez passed away. After Chavez’s death, current president Nicolas Maduro was elected to the position. Shortly after the election, Venezuela’s economy reached an all time low with a significant lack of food, medicine, and other basic resources. Venezuela relies on its oil production to gain money so when the prices dropped, they’re economy began to suffer. Currently their economic situation has escalated with their latest blackout or power outage, on Friday, March 8, which has already been reported as the cause of deaths.

The blackout lasted for about four days and went down in Venezuelan history as the worst one to ever occur, according to The Nation newspaper. The loss of electricity affected hospitals the most since doctors could not use their machines to help patients. Lack of health items such as essential medicines and necessary tools for doctors led to a decreased survival rate for patients. Without proper supplies and food, people are getting sicker and people’s lives have been ripped from them due to the lack of help from the government. Fingers have been pointed at Maduro as well as other countries such as the U.S., Brazil, Ecuador, Columbia, and Europe for the blackout since they are not buying oil from them. People and counties have been blamed but no one is seen trying to fix the issue.

Maduro’s policies put Venezuela in darkness long before the actual blackout. He has been consistent on tweeting updates on the electrical status of Venezuela but has not done anything to improve the country’s state. Instead of placing Venezuela first and working with surrounding countries to help raise the oil prices, Maduro’s stubbornness does not want their help. Fortunately by March 14 the power has been restored but it still left businesses affected, foods rotten, patients dead, and hope for a better future diminished. The people of this beautiful country have been protesting and begging the government to fix these issue for years. Venezuela should not have to beg to be given the basic necessities to survive.