Nature Fest at Natural History Museum

Alicia Garcia, Photographer

The National History Museum hosted the annual LA Nature Fest on the weekend of Mar. 18 and 19 in Los Angeles. The event took place in LA from 9:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. and included ways to learn and interact with the nature in the local county.


As a student of the AP Environmental class, Diana Zepeda, 12, dedicated her weekend to use her knowledge of the environment she has acquired.


“This experience connected to my AP Environmental class because it discussed invasive species and how certain species like bees contribute to the environment,” Zepeda said. “My experience was so fun and I made funny memories with my favorite people.”


The event consisted of exhibitor booths, local scientists, live animal presentations and stage performances. The highlight of the event was the Early Bird Nature Walk in which many AP Environmental students participated in.


Because she has a passion for nature, Amanda Davila, 12, attended the Nature Fest with fellow peers.


“My experience was great; I learned a lot of new information about wildlife and I got to share with friends that enjoy the same interests as I do,” Davila said. “There are many bees other than the honey bee which is why rather than saying save the bees. The phrase should be save the native bees because those are the ones endangered.”


The information covered in the exhibit booths related to many of the topics taught in the AP Environmental class such as invasive species, ways to compost organic material, water conservation and the topic most relevant to our LA community: smog.


As a result of attending the event, Estefania Pena, 12, was able to make connections and further evaluate the importance of protecting the environment.


“So many of the small booths at the event talked about many of the things we learned in APES, such as the current environmental problems we are facing today and we could do to help,” Pena said. “I learned about how many bee species there really are and which ones that need saving. #savethenativebees.”
Attendees were also educated about the issues concerning the impending threat to native bees in California, an issue prevalent in the environment. The LA Nature Fest is an annual event that allows people to interact with and learn about the natural world around them.