The U.S. Sends Troops to Russia

Alex Castillo , Copy Editor

Russia has found itself in the news once again with their disparagement of the United States’ 4,000 troops being stationed in Europe within the first few weeks of January for permanent rotations.


They will be on a nine-month deployment and will receive training in the countries of Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary. The soldiers have been sent to these Eastern European countries as a way to deter any acts of aggression from Russia in the area.


The Russian government has been under heavy fire lately after accusations of hacking the U.S. General Election, allowing for Donald Trump to win. Edgar Reynoso, 11, is shocked at how the U.S. let this happen.


“It’s just super crazy, man,” Reynoso said. “With all the technology and stuff that we have now I can’t believe that Russia can just come and make Donald Trump win for President. Especially when you think about how guarded the White House is.”


Tensions are already high and this causes concern for the American people.


Brian Castro, 12, a student well versed in modern politics, believes that while this act is nothing to worry about, it is still unsettling.


“Nothing is gonna happen I think,” Castro said. “You can’t totally forget about Russia but I don’t think that they would ever dare try and go to war with us for something like this.”


Along with the soldiers, the U.S. has sent 2,400 pieces of military equipment including tanks, armored attacking vehicles, trucks and storage containers. This amount of equipment makes Thomas Martinez, 9, curious if the military is really only going there to protect the region.


“That’s really suspicious,” Martinez said. “There’s literally going to be tanks there so I don’t really know if it’s only for protection or if it means something else.”
With conflicts arising between Russia and its bordering countries, only time will tell if the United States will get involved.