A Tribute to the Smiling Superhero

Angelica Fregoso, Staff Writer

When one conjures the persona of a superhero, he or she typically deliberates ethereal abilities, such as flying or x-ray vision. These seemingly otherworldly beings typically acquire superpowers through a mutation; however, what truly constitutes a superhero is his or her capacity to accomplish marvelous feats in an unparalleled manner. According to his older brother, senior, Pablo Santos, the superpower of Jesus David Santos was his ability to cause another person, a complete stranger, to smile, no matter what the circumstances may have been.


Santos was the kind of person one becomes jovial thinking about; the mere deliberation of his smile elicits a grin upon the thinker. Whether he was bouncing an imaginary basketball around the legs of strangers, or serenading them with a congenial song while strumming a ukulele, David Santos refused to allow estrangement to occur between himself and another person. His buoyant aura permeated every room he walked into.


Attributed to his passion for soccer, Santos was an expert at FIFA and lived by the mantra that people should always keep a smile upon their faces, which he exercised on a diurnal basis.


David Santos is a hero who fought valiantly against brain cancer, yet, passed away on May 20, 2016. It must be asserted, however, that cancer did not triumph; Santos did. He won the battle because the memories he shared with others will be perpetual within their hearts. Santos will live on in the spirits of those he was acquainted with, as well as the achievements they accomplish that are inspired by his memory.


During his 16 years upon Earth, Santos lived his life to the fullest. The indelible memories he made with his friends and family shall remain in their hearts, while Santos’s soul departs to heaven. Although life is fleeting, the memories constituted during its prevalence are everlasting.