TIME’s Person of the year


Aimee-Nicole Torres

Dec. 9, 2015 TIME magazine released their person of the year, Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, for her various accomplishments in 2015 such as accepting refugees . A painting of Merkel covers the TIME magazine, announcing Person of the Year.

Aimee-Nicole Torres, Community/Parent & Teachers Editor

TIME magazine announced TIME’s Person of the Year on Dec. 9, 2015 as Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, for her hard work. Merkel is also known as “Mutt,” which means “mother” in German, for her maternal nature towards the citizens of Germany.


Merkel entered the political world at the age of 35. She quickly climbed the political ladder becoming the first female Chancellor of Germany at the age of 60, in 2005.


Catalina Aguado, 10, takes German as a language, and when asked about her opinion on the topic of Person of the Year she had a lot to say.


“It’s [Merkel’s TIME announcement] a weird thing; it’s better than the runners up,” Catalina Aguado, 10, said. “I know she helped a lot with refugees. She’s nice.”


In 2015, she preached about compassion and helping others, from accepting refugees and standing arm and arm with other political leaders.


“We will help you lead the fight against terror,” Angela Merkel said, during a press conference about recent Paris attacks, “which has done something so unimaginable to you.”


The runners up for TIME’s POTY are Abu Bakr al-Baghdad and Donald Trump, coming in the number two and three spots. The only other female to be considered was Caitlyn Jenner.


“This is an important step towards woman appreciation,” femenist Mia Shott, 10, said. “I’m excited; she’s a powerful woman and strong as well.”


Congratulations to Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, 2015 TIME’s Person of the Year.