Disaster in Colorado

Alex Castillo, Copy Editor

Colorado police swarmed a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs on Nov. 27 when a 911 call from a civilian reported a gunman, who would later be identified as Robert Lewis Dear, inside the clinic as an act of pro-life extremism. Three people, two civilians and a police officer, were be shot and killed by Dear during a six hour standoff between Dear and Colorado state police.


Many are shunning this violent act, even those who are heavily pro life. Republican presidential candidate, Dr. Ben Carson, spoke out about the shooting on Nov. 30 on Megyn Kelly’s The Kelly File.


“Some pro-lifers are saying things like ‘killing babies’… you cant sanitize that,” Carson said, “but on the left side, they engage in such hateful rhetoric by saying that anybody who doesn’t want a woman to have an abortion is anti-woman.”


The shooting has only reignited the debates over whether to outlaw abortions and terminate any kind of funding towards Planned Parenthood. The general public has been quick to react to this tragedy.


“I think the shooting over in Colorado is really depressing to hear about, especially because I’m a pro-choice advocate,” Aimee Danilin, 11, said. “If pro-lifers want to get their point across, violence isn’t the answer.”


Memorials are being held for the three people who lost their lives in the shooting. The civilian’s identities have not been disclosed, but the police officer has been confirmed to be 44-year-old Garrett Swasey, a six-year veteran of the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs police force. Colorado Springs Fire Chief Christopher Riley is thankful for the assistance from the injured and fallen police officers.


“The officers, they’re obviously in some pain, but thankfully they’re alive and talking to us,” Riley said. “They’re heroes…the courage they displayed today saved many, many lives – no doubt.”


The shooter was apprehended after a six-hour standoff. Dear appeared in court on Nov. 30, where his criminal history was revealed. Dear is currently facing life in prison or the death penalty.