If you can dodge a wrench…


Darla Sanchez

Jumping over the ball in the Downey High School gym, Joseph Lopez, 11, and his team compete in the dodge ball tournament on Mar. 6. “The wresting team and I decided, since we didn’t do it last year, we are going to this year,” Lopez said. “I had lots of fun being with my team members.”

Irania Quintero, Staff Writer

On Mar. 6, Downey High School’s dance team hosted their annual dodge ball tournament in the gym to fundraise for their team and provide a thrilling experience for the student body. A total of 28 teams participated but only one came out on top to take home the championship trophy. The stuffiness of the gym atmosphere did not stop the crowd from cheering and it did not stop “Dem Boyzz” from winning.


All 10 members of this all boys team did not feel like they took the tournament seriously because of their simple outfit coordination and joking attitudes, but when they saw the chance to take home the prize, they did not pass it up.


Junior Tony Laverde expressed his excitement towards their win and how the heat of the moment overcame them.


“It was wild,” Laverde said. “There was no way we were going to let ourselves lose.”


Apart from an earned win by “Dem Boyzz,” another team was recognized for their ongoing team spirit and sportsmanship. Team USA received recognition for having the loudest fans and a motivational pre-game ritual of gathering in a circle and pumping themselves up with cheers for their match. Although they did not come in first place, their spirit kept them rowdy in the stands.


Senior Miguel Gutierrez [team USA] was excited about the opportunity he and the team had together. The crowd’s cheers and his girlfriend’s support ultimately gave him the motivation to help his team and give his all.


“The overall mood was positive for us,” Gutierrez said. “The experience was priceless thanks to our great fans and the team’s unity.”


Junior Isabel Palencia [dance team member] expressed her gratitude for all the teams participating partially because the tournament serves as a major fundraiser for the dance team. She was also grateful to see everyone in the gym having fun and giving the crowd games worth watching.


“It is stressful having to organize such a huge event,” Palencia said. “It definitely pays off once we see how much money we raise and how much fun everyone is having.”


The dodge ball tournament has been around for about seven years and has been beneficial for the dance team and their competitions. The tournament usually helps fundraise for a Six Flags competition, but this year, the girls are heading to compete in Las Vegas for Nationals. Next year’s tournament will take place in early spring.