A taste of diverse talent

At the Downey High School theatre on Feb. 6, Javier Fernandez and Dennise perform during the Cultural Talent Show. Jonathan Lara, former student of Downey High, was the choreographer of this group, as well as the start of this year’s annual talent show.

Irania Quintero, Staff Writer

Downey High School’s Latin Dance and Culture Club hosted the Cultural Talent Show in Downey’s theatre, on Feb. 6, in order to promote hidden talent and raise awareness about their club.  Club advisor, Mrs. Richelle Mercure-Fitzl, started off the night by recognizing all the hard work her students had put into their pieces and expressing how grateful she was to see a large crowd.


Students and teachers from different musical backgrounds all over Downey High School were able to show talents such as singing, dancing, and playing a musical instrument.  In showcasing their talents, participants included their own cultures by performing to musical genres such as jazz, Latin hip-hop, Tahitian, and other mash-ups.


Throughout the show, Mrs. Mercure-Fitzl was filled with joy in seeing how many people were excited to perform in the show, as well as how much they were enjoying the other performances.


“It is a blessing to be able to provide this experience,” Mrs. Mercure-Fitzl said.  “There is a variety of talent here, and it is exciting to see it shine through.”


Students who don’t participate in major sports or activities category often go unnoticed. Students were grateful for the fact that the talent show allowed a variety of skills to be exposed, however, some performers were debating taking part in the talent show because of doubts they had.


Duet partners Sandy Alvarado, 11, and Daniel Benitez, 12, were skeptic about performing at first.  Alvarado expressed that she took part because it was different.


“It gives kids who don’t play sports a chance to shine musically,” Alvarado said.  “That is what makes this talent show special and different.”


As the show went on, performers became more relaxed through the help of the cheering audience members.


Nathan Diaz, 12, stayed through the night to catch all the dancing and singing, and occasionally, he joined along in chorus or dance.


“The whole night was lively and different,” Diaz said.  “It was enjoyable to watch and I couldn’t help but get into some of the performances; it was awesome.”
The Latin Dance and Culture Club proudly served the crowd while delivering entertainment to their own satisfaction.  The club meets every Monday after school, in room R-6, and new members are always welcome.  Anyone who is interested in joining next year’s talent show is welcome to speak to Mrs. Mercure-Fitzl in room R-6.