A Knott’s Berry formal, and berry nervous asking

On Jan. 20, David Flores asked his closest friend from track to winter formal. “I thought it was about time I asked her,” Flores said.

Irania Quintero, Staff Writer

Throughout the month of January, students all over Downey High School are found stressing out not only because of upcoming finals, but also because of Downey’s annual winter formal dance at Knott’s Berry Farm.  Underclassmen have little worries, but seniors find themselves nervous and anxious to live up to their high status in the high school pyramid.  Senior boys have been preparing for this moment in order to execute their formal proposals to their highest potential.


Senior David Flores wanted to show his date a whole new world at formal and used The Little Mermaid as a means of making his formal proposal extra special.


“My nerves were at an all time high of 110% because this girl isn’t my girlfriend,” Flores said. “I know her pretty well and I hope that this helped make us closer.”


With a poster of The Little Mermaid and flowers in hand, Flores’s date said yes to accompanying him to winter formal.


Like Flores, other senior boys were nervous to see the outcome of all their hard work.  Some were more or less nervous because they were asking their significant other to join them for a special night out at one of two of Downey High’s most elegant events, the other being prom.


Jorge Dussan, 12, was confident that his formal proposal would be a success due to the fact that he would be asking someone near and dear to him.


“Having a long-term girlfriend made it easier for me to ask her out,” Dussan said.  “I know everything she likes, and I know exactly how to surprise her.”


Dussan went with a bouquet of flowers and a reference to Disney’s famous Olaf character from the movie Frozen.  The poster read, “Some people are worth melting for…mal?” Dussan’s girlfriend showed a great deal of happiness and agreed to be his date.


Some senior girls found the experience before formal night extra stressful as they had to go through more preparations.  Finding a dress, having hair and makeup done, and anxiously waiting to be invited had some girls on their toes.  Belen Quintero, 12, expressed her anxiety for the upcoming event.


“I want everything to be perfect whether I go alone, with friends, or with a date,” Quintero said.  “I know prom is the dance I have to worry about most, but this is just as important to me. It’s my senior year!”


Quintero is just as excited as she is nervous to arrive at Knott’s with a group of friends and her dancing shoes on.


The closer winter formal gets, the more the excitement is shown throughout the student body.  The rides at Knott’s Berry Farm and the vicinity make winter formal a “must got to” event for students in the senior class.  Winter formal will take place on Thursday, Jan. 29 from 8 p.m. until midnight.