A trip to the Great Depression


Amairani Triana

During the beginning of the Great Depression unit, in Modern American History classes, Brenda Alvizures and juniors are given the opportunity to get extra credit by dressing in the same outfit for two full weeks. “It’s easy points,” junior Brenda Alvizures said. “It also saves me time in the morning, not having to choose a new outfit everyday.”

Noemi Lozano, Copy Editor

To begin the Great Depression unit, all U.S. History teachers offered a 25 point extra credit opportunity that involved wearing the same clothing for two consecutive weeks, much like people would during the Great Depression. This assignment’s purpose was to let students experience the poverty and hardship that people experienced during the 1930s. Because this was her first semester at Downey High, junior Rebeca Mancina wanted to start her grade off as high as possible and had no hesitation participating in the assignment wearing a comfortable outfit that consisted of jeans and her favorite hoodie. “It was a win-win,” Mancina said. “I didn’t have to pick an outfit for two weeks, and I got extra credit points.” To show his commitment to his teaching, Mr. Hitchcock, along with all the other U.S. History teachers, took part in the assignment along with his students. “How can we ask our students to do something like this if we aren’t even willing to do it?” Hitchcock said. “It makes no sense.” Junior Celeste Martinez didn’t think too much before starting the assignment and with her habit of not allowing herself to give up, she fought through and completed the two-week trial. “I started the assignment just for a grade bump. I never thought it’d be so hard to go through with. It really makes me appreciate what I have,” Martinez said “Thank God the two weeks is over!” Teachers designed the assignment to allow students to view a part of life from another perspective and give them a second thought about appreciation.