En route to the SAT


Gissel Enriquez

Sophomores, juniors, and parents attend an informative meeting, on Jan. 8, at the Downey High School theater, in order to understand PSAT scores. The purpose of the meeting was to inform parents and students how to improve their SAT scores.

Mizhelle Cortes, Writer/ Business Team

On Thursday, Jan. 10, parents and students arrived at the Downey High School theatre to review their test scores after taking the Kaplan administered Preliminary SAT in Oct.

The representative from Kaplan started the meeting off handing out raffle tickets to parents, while students picked up their test scores from the counselors. Students reviwed their paperwork, while the representative prepared the slideshow.

Mrs. Sanders, the counselor, expressed her opinion on the importance of students taking the PSAT.

“It is very important because it is a trial run for the actual SAT,” Sanders said. “It is a good indicator as to how a student will do on the SAT. If students use the results, then the PSAT will actually give them hand-tailored study guides telling them how to improve and what to study for when they actually take the SAT. It is very valuable.”

The PowerPoint presentation consisted of slides dealing with how the PSAT is scored, comparisons of the PSAT and SAT, and a college prep timeline primarily geared towards juniors. One of the reasons to take the PSAT, as stated by the representative is to improve a student’s score. It also provides practices and can offer possible scholarships, such as the National Merit Scholarship.

Parents, such as Veronica Gutierrez, attended the meeting to help understand their child’s performance on the test.

“I wanted my son to take the test because I wanted to know where he stands. The PSAT really helped,” Gutierrez said.

Students’ score packets included a review of their answers, skills, and raw scores. Whether students were satisfied with their scores or not, the PSAT information meeting helped alleviate concerns for unanswered questions. Test takers, like Jose Arroyo, listened to the class options information in order to take sessions to improve and prepare for the SAT.

“I decided to take the test for obvious reasons like helping me for the SAT,” junior Arroyo said. “I’m planning on taking an online course to improve my score.”

Students take the initiative to become academically successful by completing the PSAT.