Flashback to the 50s


Dressed in 50s attire to pump up the audience, ASB performs a dance dedicated to the fall sports teams on Friday, Sept. 23, in the gym. Sports members were later introduced to the crowd by their respective coaches.

April Rios, Writer/Photographer

Dressed in 50s attire, students and staff came together in the gym on September 23 to greet the fall sport teams during the yearly fall rally. The assembly presented by Ralph Regalado as Elvis and Karla Torrencillas as Lucy featured fall sports, various performances and class competitions.


The gym, decorated with a pink and black balloon arch and milkshake balloon structures, welcomed the excited students into a time machine that would take them back to the 50s.


“It would have been better if a 50s muscle car was there, but that is pushing it,” Elisha Adeagbo said.


This year’s theme caught the attention of many juniors and seniors who filled the gym’s home bleachers. ASB member Carla Rosales worked hard to advertise the rally and make it a complete success.


“  Putting together a rally requires a lot of work,” junior Carla Rosales said, “and even though it is really tiring at times I know everyone in ASB has fun.”


At the beginning of the rally, ASB performed dance choreography to a song from Hairspray. Following that performance Lucy and Elvis introduced the cheer squad, which performed to the “Jailhouse Rock.” After, the season’s sports were presented: the students cheered as the volleyball, water polo, tennis, golf, football, and cross country teams were introduced and wished a great season.


After the mention of all teams, ASB put together two class competitions. The first was the mystery milkshake contest, which was won by Robert Chism, 12.


“ It was a fun rally, even though I wanted to throw up,” senior Robert Chism said.


The second competition consisted of whip cream covered faces and chip throwing and was quite a catch. The sophomore class of 2014 won that event.


At the end, the dance team performed a choreography, which was followed by an ASB skit promoting Anti-Bully Week and wrapping up the first spirit week of the school year.


With a time-traveling rally, the Viking fall sports aim for great heights amidst a new season.