Open house

Open house

The Normaneers sell Hot Cheetos with nacho cheese during Open House as a way to fundraise for their club on April 14. Clubs and Groups, along with both school publications, sat by the ASB windows and sold whatever goods they could provide to the parents who came to check in on their children’s work.

In order to initiate the Spring Season, the annual, school-wide Open House was hosted on April 14 across campus.

For students and staff that participated in this event, it was much more then a chance to check up on current grades. With open classrooms of all kinds, the opportunity to observe the activities that were underway in future classes arose. Apart from becoming informed, they had the chance to have a one on one conversation with the teachers of their choice.

“I like the fact that the school coordinates an Open House once a year,” junior Francis Flores said. “It gives me a chance to see what I’m going to do next year in my classes.

As a way to lure students to the event, a hand full of teachers, though not many, offered extra credit if they came along with their parents.

“I thinks it’s pretty cool that we get offered extra credit just to how up,” junior Lizzet Talamantes said. “I’m sure it motivates people to bring their parents.”

Some clubs and organizations on campus extended their reach and attempted at selling goods to raise funds for outings or upcoming events.

“It’s really smart of the clubs that were out there selling food,” junior Jasmine Castillo said. “With parents, students, and staff all around campus, they are sure to make some good money.”

Overall, the night proved to be successful by appealing to the likeness of both students, parents, and staff members.