Faculty achieves a close second in CIF match

Faculty achieves a close second in CIF match

At the CIF Champs vs. Faculty volleyball game, in the gym, on March 24, Mrs. Sims spikes the ball against the championship team she coached to win in CIF. Despite the faculty’s efforts in the second period, the champs won the game.

As the crowd and faculty stood and cheered for their respective teams, the CIF champions vs. staff volleyball and wrestling matches were held in the auditorium on Thursday, March 24.

The students, ultimately, dominated the rival faculty members. The volleyball champions made an amusing mockery of the teachers. The teachers’ method of trying to distract the players resulted in laughter and potent strikes against the faculty. The staff believed they could effectively distract the focused girls. It was proven ineffective. Senior Lara Gutierrez could not help but chuckle.

“The match was hilarious. I mean I had to do my job but I just could not help laughing at them,” Gutierrez said, “at first, I thought we were not going to win because the teachers were going to be a great distraction.”

The teachers implemented many antics during the volleyball match as they scattered around the floor. The staff would taunt the players on the other side of the net. They held the opportunity misconception. Economics teacher Mr. Glasser took the opportunity cost to compete. It resulted in a comedic outcome leaving audiences breathless.

“I did not try. I knew I was making a mockery of myself, so why not take the opportunity to do something rather hilarious,” Glasser said, “I took the cost.”

In addition, the CIF wrestlers competed against solid staff the same night. The teachers were fans of the floor. The champions pinned the staff before the one-minute rounds. In the interim pauses, the teachers feared and embodied anguish as they stood waiting for their round against a ecstatic wrestler. Senior Mikeal Semman enjoyed the rounds against Mr. Hansen.

“He flails his arms so much. It was hard to get a pin down,” Semman said, “In the end, I pinned him down on his back.”

The event brought in tons of revenue to pay for CIF rings, and the event drew in a large, participating crowd. The crowd rose, clapped, cheered, and sympathized for any teachers really attempting to win the grand prize, defeating the students.