Marinello beautifies students in quad


A student from Marinello Schools of Beauty applies make-up to Lizeth willing volunteer on Feb. 23. Marinello students gave free hairstyling, manicures, and make-up on campus as an act for the High School Outreach Program.

As a part of the High School Outreach Program, students from Marinello School of Beauty visited the campus on Feb. 23 and gave the Vikings free hairstylings, manicures, and complete makeovers.
Potential hair, make-up artists and nail technicians showed off their expertise during both lunches as they beautified numerous students. Although their visit was unexpected, they were still able to doll up a good amount of teens, mostly girls, in the course of 30 minutes for each lunch.
“My friend made me do it, but they did a great job curling my hair,” sophomore Kaylee Pajak said. “I think it’s really cool for them to go to different high schools and give free hairstyling.”
Whether they were curling hair, putting make-up on a student, or painting someone’s nails, they still succeeded in showing their skills.
“We want to give back to the community, and we want to let students know where to go for prom and other school activities,” future hairdresser Kiki Alford said.
Marinello’s High School Outreach Program is designed to inform people, especially undergraduates who are planning on attending college, about the different options that Marinello School of Beauty offers. The program has already approached other high schools like Bellflower, West Covina, and Whittier. One of their projects is giving free services during occasions such as formal and prom.
“I’m not interested in beauty school, but it’s great seeing different organizations reach out to high schools and students who are oblivious about the variety of choices that they have,” junior Miriam Escamilla said.
This was the first time Marinello students came to the campus. As they proved their capabilities to the student body, they also made their school look respectable, pampered the Vikings, and presented options regarding beauty schools.