Clubs participate in fall conventions


Cindy Romero

Debating for the proponency in a resolution that torture be allowed in times of necessity, sophomore Elizabeth Pelayo garners her thoughts in a speech at Fall State. Junior State of America hosted their annual Fall State Convention at the LAX Marriott from Nov. 20 through Nov. 21.

Angelica Co/ Brandon Pineda

As the season comes to an end, Key Club and the Junior State of America Downey club members, as well as schools from all over the state, came together for fall conventions. Key Clubbers paraded at Magic Mountain on November 20 to celebrate Fall Rally 2010, while Junior State of America (JSA) members congregated and debated current political issues at Fall State 2010 at the LAX Marriott.

Fall Rally is a once a year gathering for all of the Key Club members of California, Nevada, and Hawaii.  This is a chance for members to bond with their division and meet their fellow Key Clubbers from other schools.  The Vikings were a part of  Division 13 North along with Artesia, Cerritos, Huntington Park, John Glenn, Lakewood, Norwalk, South Gate, and Warren High School.

“I personally thought it was a rewarding experience because I was able to grasp how big key club was.  I enjoyed cheering in the rally, and it was fun seeing other key clubs cheering as well,” Key Club Sergeant of Arm Minji Kim said.

At the same time, JSA’s Fall State occurred at the LAX Marriott. Fall State is an annual convention comprised of high school students from the Southern California section to debate current political issues and attempt to achieve change in public policy. The Downey Chapter represented by speaking and leading in cabinet positions.

“I think JSA is fantastic. I love how students from across the state have similar political views and challenging views. Though people from other schools may differ in opinion, we are still allowed to bond and be a family,”  President Andrea Lomeli said.

Topics from the weekend range from, but are not limited to, organ trading to the legalization of marijuana. The over-night convention brought approximately 1200 students, sixteen from the Downey Chapter.

During the Key Club’s Fall Rally, as a part of the tradition, Key Clubbers were asking the question “How do you feel?” throughout the day.  Other members would respond by chanting the customary Key Club cheer.  Whether they were in line for a ride or just walking around the park, students were confident and prepared to shout out their cheers.

“It was really great to see so many people with so much spirit and to see how every division is proud to represent their uniqueness through different colors and mascots.  It was also really great to see so many students involved in service club together,” junior Jessica Xilo said.

Due to the large amount of Key Clubbers, there were three rallies that occurred.  The Vikings, along with the other members of Division 13 North, gladly took part in last rally.  During the rally, spirit battles enveloped Six Flags’ stadium—the Golden Bear Stadium.  Every division was determined to scream louder and cheer louder than the other divisions.  The lieutenants were also put into auction.  Division 13 North, also called the Green Monkeys, auctioned off Sandra Lee for $550.  The money collected was donated for Pediatric Trauma.