Teacher of the Month


Showing outstanding charisma, Mr. and Mrs. Sanders along with security Barry Baldwin have been awarded with Teachers and Staff member of the month selected by the student body. This marks the first time that two teachers have been selected for this award.

Camerynn Chase

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Teacher of the Month awards? Mr. and Mrs. Sanders, along with security guard Barry Baldwin, were the winners of October DHS Teachers and Staff Member of the Month. Teacher of Month initially began to recognize outstanding teachers and staff members, but ASB Commissioner of Teacher Recognition, Jacqueline Nunez, took it upon herself to recharge the program while making a few adjustments.  This Teacher of the Month is particularly special because, unlike the previous years, there were two teachers to be awarded.

“Last year the students voted at a table during lunch if they wanted to. This year ballots were sent to fourth period classes,” Nunez said. “We got about half the student body voting!” Mr. and Mrs. Sanders, along with Barry Baldwin, won the student body vote.

Mr. Sanders has been working at school for fourteen years as an AP European History and Economics teachers. He makes the students laugh, instills knowledge in their minds, and applies what he is teaching to real life situations in attempt to make learning more enjoyable.

“If I enjoy what I’m doing than the students will enjoy it. I do tell a lot of jokes; they’re corny, but I do try to laugh,” Mr. Sanders said. “By not taking myself too seriously, I can laugh at myself and I think that students like that. I try to understand each generation that comes through. The world is changing fast.”

This month there was a duel win for teacher of the month going to not only Mr. Sanders but also to his wife, Mrs. Sanders. Who, on a separate note, has even more to celebrate as she and her husband are expecting to bring their first child into the world on November 13. Mrs. Sanders has been a counselor for six years and was an English teacher for eight years prior to that. As a double threat, she can not only help students with their schedules and personal problems, but she’s also quick with an answer to English questions.

“I try to make sure that when a student needs something they feel welcome. I hear what they say and I make sure they’re treated fairly,” Mrs. Sanders said. “It was definitely an honor to be recognized out of so many wonderful, qualified teachers.”

The Staff Member of Month, Barry Baldwin, won by over 900 votes! Baldwin has been a security guard on campus for four years. He protects the school from harm, making DHS a safer place to work and a safer place to attend school.

“My approach is to treat students with the same respect I expect them to treat me with. Treating everyone as an individual goes a long way,” Baldwin said. “I never settle. I’m always trying to do a better job and learn from my experiences.”

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Sanders for being the October Teachers of the Month, and to Barry Baldwin for winning staff member of the month. They are greatly appreciated.