Cheer Clinic


Little girls of all ages are being taught the principles of cheer by both the Varsity and Junior Varsity Lady Vikes through the Cheer Clinic program which performed during the Oct. 1 football game against Bell High School at Allen Lane Stadium. The young blonde twins stole the show that night with their enthusiasm about cheer and touching smiles.

Elizabeth Contreras

Opportunities arose for young girls in kindergarten through eighth grade on Sept. 25 as the Viking cheerleaders volunteered their time to teach them the fundamentals of cheerleading. There were a total of 94 girls who were split into cheer and dance groups where they switched half way through the day.

“It’s a really great opportunity for all younger girls to learn the basics of cheerleading,” Cheer Coach Mrs. Patterson said.

Not only did the girls get to perform as a whole in front of their parents, but they had the chance to do so for everyone at the football game against Bell High School during half time on Oct. 1.

“The parents looked very happy when they saw the girls performing, especially the parents of the younger ones,” cheerleader Stephanie Moreno said.

The girls were also given a t-shirt and a packet that contained the cheers they learned, as well as tips on how to become a better cheerleader. The spectators of this event appeared awed at the sight of the cheerleaders and their young idolizers giving their all, gaining experience, and most of all, gaining confidence. Many of the older girls felt like positive role models as the day went on.

“They were really great to work with, like they really look up to us and its just such a great experience,” junior Giovanna Dan said.

The girls looked upon and repeated their teachers’ moves. The annual event has been going on for approximately 20 years and has not only shown positive results for the younger girls, but has also granted the older cheerleaders with experience that offers patience and teaching skills.