Back to School Night

Wendy Mora

As the sun descended in the sky, teachers prepared for the arrival of students and parents for the annual back to school night on September 30, at 6pm. The quad was filled with lost and confused parents walking around looking for the following class on the schedule; luckily ASB was there to provide a helpful map of the entire campus for each parent in need. ASB also sold popcorn, Original Downey attire, and waters.

“ Back to school night helps keep parents connected with their kids and informs them on what students actually do at school,” says senior Hiro Azuma, ASB member.

Clubs of every kind attended, selling a variety of goodies and food to fundraise for their cause. Normaneers occupied an Italian Ice stand while Speech and Debate Team sold tacos from Frankie’s Taco Bar. The Future Teachers of America were selling churros to start saving up for a scholarship, as Comedy Sports had a very amusing and entertaining staff selling all different kinds of bake goods. Comedy Sports had a Quartet featuring sophomore Jeorge Loulakis, junior Crosby Lewis, junior Randell Millan, and senior Marco Tabory.

“I’m called the sexy beast or little surf, “says freshman and Comedy Sports member Jeorge Rodriguez jokingly. “But, you look hungry so buy a cookie.”

Yearbook was also a part of this festivities selling tamales while Bible Club sold tortas to those who needed a little something to munch on during class. On back to school night, all these clubs come together to make a good impression, showing how extra-curricular activities brings the student body closer together. ASB also provided soothing music such as Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble, and Kenny G.

During the ten minuets passing period parents rushed in to line to get a slice of Frantone’s pizza, Jamba Juice, or other treat one of the clubs were selling. It was easy to see the aggravation in some of the eyes of the parents and complaining on how they are supposed to make it to the other side of campus in ten minuets.

“I get how kids are late to class now!” says parent Janet Olide, “They give you ten minuets, but it feels like four! You have to rush!”

Back to School Night  was a great learning experience for parents and a perfect opportunity for them to be involved in their student’s education.