Family fun night

Cassandra Meuret

The 12th annual Family Fun Night raved a big success and brought many smiles to those who enjoyed the variety of tasty treats and live entertainment on Thursday, May 20.

This event is thrown yearly for the students and their families as well as for those in the community. Fun night gives clubs and other businesses a chance to make profit as they sell products that participants are eager to get their hands on. Some  attractions included: a camel and a zebra at the petting zoo, SEACA animal rescue, free haircuts with an optional donation and a Wii stand which replaced last years Rock Band. Everything from roasted almonds to pineapple smoothies was available to the public for treats.

“Family Fun Night is a great opportunity to get our product out to the public. We get to advertise and have fun with the rest of the crowd too,” pineapple seller Stephon Holden said.

The entertainment consisted of performances by Downey dance clubs and a live mariachi band. Special choreographed dance moves were incorporated into the dance routines just for the fun night event. The mariachi played loud Spanish favorites for the large crowd and brought a bit of cultural presence for the Hispanic community.

“I really enjoyed the Mariachi. It reminded me of being at one of my family parties where we always play similar music, “ parent Adriana Espinoza said.

Other forms of entertainment came in the form of animals for children looking for ride a pony. A petting zoo was set up on campus and consisted of a camel, zebra, parrot and ponies for children to ride. There was also an area of jumpers and slides for those looking for a more wild adventurous time.

“Our goal is for everyone to have a good time.” ASB president Liz Calvillo said. “We try and set up different events for all age groups.”

The diverse entertainment and variety of treats all make family fun night an event that will keep you coming back for more.