Black Light Assembly

Cassandra Meuret

A diligent combination of students and staff hosted the “world famous” Black Light Assembly on Thursday, Feb. 11 to honor winter sports, promote school spirit, and encourage students to support the highly anticipated Downey vs. Warren basketball game. The Black Light Assembly has become famous for its crazy originality in being all dark and neon lit with unique entertainment available to those lucky enough to snag a seat in the overly packed gymnasium.

Planning started taking place weeks in advance. Glow sticks were ordered online as well as the strobe lights and many other materials and decorations that were used for the assembly. The dance and cheer teams choreographed new dances to entertain the crowd specifically for the assembly and the Drumline also put on a special show.

“A lot of kids don’t know what this is about. If they want to be entertained this is the place to come,” Mr. Wiesenburger said.

Representatives from schools came to Downey to watch the Black Light Assembly to see what all the hype was about from the news they heard by word of mouth. Though other schools have been impressed by this not so common assembly, not everyone can pull it off. One of the many highlights in this rare entertainment filled assembly was when the dance team strutted out in all white with glow in the dark masks plastered on their faces. Their fierce dance complimented the main performance, which was Mr. De la Torre break dancing all over the gym floor.

The reactions from the students at the assembly were nothing but positive screaming and shouting with awe and appreciation of the unique entertainment provided for them. The Black Light assembly also gave a moment to shine to some of Downey’s athletes and showed how much spirit was hidden underneath the students.

“I love the Black Light Assembly because it shows our energetic spirit for the game. Everyone is free to express the support we give to our basketball team,” junior Kyle Lewis said.

This special event also allowed the students to participate in the affects of the dark atmosphere. Most attendees wore glow in the dark bunny ears, sunglasses, necklaces and bracelets. This awe inspiring vision brings a little extra to an already fully decorated transformed gymnasium.

“I get excited to see everyone support the school. All of the administrators and supporting students.” senior Omar Magana said.

Black Light brings a new element of entertainment to campus. Students couldn’t help but feel energized after attending this action packed glow in the dark school phenomenon. It gets the message across that school spirit and extracurricular activities are an important part of high school and gives viewers a taste of something new and excitin