Whose got spirit?

The Downey vs. Warren 2009 spirit week was a success as the student body displayed their creativity and school spirit dressing up accordingly for each day of the week. Students enjoyed dressing up in retro fashions on Monday, as a famous celebrity on Tuesday, like a Warren wimp on Thursday, and as a proud Viking on Friday.

“Spirit week at Downey High is an exhilarating week. It amazes me how many students participate and this shows how much we love our school,” said senior Kevin Lopez.

This year ASB kept it traditional with such days as Warren Wimp day, a day when everyone dresses up in nerdy glasses and funky clothing while dragging around injured bears to make fun of our rival Warren High, yet added a bit of pizzazz by incorporating an entirely new day, Celebrity Look Alike day. Alumni responded favorably to this twist and dressed up with enthusiasm.

“I’m glad they did it this year. It’s something new. It was hilarious seeing people walk by and trying to guess who they’re trying to be. Some were more obvious than others,” said senior Francisco Cardenas.

There were people right and left dressed up as Juno, Kim Kardashian, Octomom, Selena, and many other celebrities.

“It was really fun to see everyone’s celebrity interpretations,” said senior Sarah Ortiz. “It’s almost like an alter ego for a day.”

School pride shows with how involved students got during spirit week. The more fun and creative it gets the more the student body participates in school activities. We can only imagine what ASB holds in store for the next spirit week.