Victory is ours!

Cassandra Meuret

A homecoming slaughter took place Friday, October 23rd as the Vikings Varsity Football team showed the Paramount Pirates who will be conquering the field with a win of 41-14.

Friday’s game began slow and unpredictable with no touchdowns in the first quarter giving both Downey and Paramount an equal opportunity to seize the field.  Downey was the first to take advantage of the empty scoreboard and dominated over the Pirates in the 2nd Quarter with a total of three touchdowns. Jaws dropped as the crowd watched senior quarterback Steven Cervantes steal the ball and move from the 26 up to the 36 yard line making a statement to the Pirates and proving they had little chance of taking over the Viking’s home field. However, the visiting team retaliated and made a last second touchdown with no time on the clock leaving the halftime board 14-7.  This sudden shock caused an abundance of discontent and ill formed feelings.  It became evident that they would stop at nothing and not let a small fluke, like a Pirate touchdown, weaken their motivation and untouchable determination to walk off the field with a victory in hand. Downey returned the kick in the 3rd quarter and hit the ground running hard, showing the fans that they were taking the Homecoming victory.  Three more touchdowns were made and a final fourth touchdown completed in the 4th quarter left the home team proud with a final 41-14 score.

This victory kicks off a promising start for Downey to a season full of wins and a chance of grabbing the league title. The team’s performance proved that injuries cannot stop or hinder the their ability to out perform rival teams. Varsity ha s a copious amount of talent as everyone who attended Friday’s game witnessed through successful plays made by Steven Williams, Steven Cervantes, Joe Ortiz, and Kyle Dallas. With a hardworking talented team and dedicated coaching, Downey is sure to lead an unforgettable season.