Up, up, and away

Yvette Trujillo

Downey High had its first ever Black light Homecoming Dance, on Oct. 23, in the gym.

“I’m very excited about this year’s Homecoming because there’s that different element,” said ASB student Elena Ortiz.

The idea for the theme was taken from the Pixar film “Up” because of all the bright colors making the theme “Up, Up, and Away.” Keeping the Downey tradition, the dance was held after the game, but instead of a formal dance, it was casual.

“There are some seniors who did want to dress up,” says Ortiz.

This dance gave students who don’t like dressing formal a chance to go. To attract and encourage people to attend, the dance featured black lights, glow sticks, and music with DJ B. The school was trying to reach its goal of doubling the number of students who attended last year’s dance by not requiring students to purchase a new dress or tux, making the dance more affordable.

“It’s different, it’s unique,” says Ortiz. “Go with an open mind, and forget what you heard about the Downey dances. We’re starting fresh and new this year.”

Many of the popular new dance moves such as the “Shuffle”, the “Sponge Bob”, the “Reject”, and the “Jerk” were displayed at the dance. These Vikings ended the night with a boom, shaking their hips and moving to the beat until 12 midnight.