Halloween in D-House

Victor Duran

With only three days before Halloween, on Oct.29, Miss Napoli held the annual photo shoot, for her photojournalism class, in room S-26.

Engrossed in the Halloween spirit, the students had the opportunity to wear a costume and bring a supporting prop, of their choice, for the photo shoot. Following the shoot, students would work on their Halloween Story Books, a class assignment that allowed students to create a story with their pictures. They were each given one week to practice the six poses they would display for the event.

Alternating the position of the photographer, the shoot was an opportunity for the students to learn how to look through the viewfinder of the camera and how to apply different angles and lighting to enhance their pictures.

“You really get the feel of a real photographer,” says senior Andrea Oviedo.

Assisting the fledging photographers with their photo shoot was Kiera Skinner, a professional photographer, from Stanford Studios. Skinner helped shape some of the students’ poses, such as a comical pose, acted out by two students where vampire, Diana Pelcastre, sucked blood from the neck of Snow White, Karina Alvarez.

Some of the costumes worn at the event included: Austin Powers, Foxy Brown, Snow White, Peter Pan, Gene Simmons and a psycho jester, hobo, ladybug,  hippie, and a porcelain doll. Senior, Willie Farfan who dressed up as Gene Simmons, came to class ten minutes early to apply his facial makeup, trying to resemble Simmons’ rocker look.

“I bought my costume for five dollars from the thrift store,” said Genavie Valdez, who dressed up like the little boy form the popular Pixar movie “Up”.

Valdez even brought a red balloon for a prop.

“It’s probably the best alternative way of teaching a subject like photography, more hands on,” said Oviedo.

At every angle, this event seemed to be very beneficial for these young photographers, helping them grasp the true concept of photojournalism by taking pictures in new inventive ways to generate a story.