Justice for Freddie Gray, Justice for All

Makayla Riley, Writer

On Apr. 12, 2015, Freddie Gray was arrested for allegedly carrying a knife in public. Video of the arrest shows the 25-year old being dragged headfirst in a police van. A week later, Gray was pronounced dead after suffering from a chronic spinal injury and not receiving medical attention. New videos have recently been released in the case surrounding the announcement of the police officer charges that give a new perspective.


On Sept. 12, the U.S. Department of Justice proclaimed that there was not enough evidence to prove that the six Baltimore officers involved in Gray’s arrest were guilty of causing bodily harm that would have resulted in his death. Even though this young gentleman’s death was ruled a homicide, the department still decided to drop all charges made against the six officers. In a time where a young generation is viewing the injustices and corruption of our political system and standing up against these adversities, it is sad to know that their progress will not perceive justice for Gray.


State Attorney for Baltimore Marilyn Mosby was responsible in charging the officers in order to instill justice in Baltimore and for Gray’s family. Although her initial plan did not succeed, she is continuing to still promote equality. The Daily Caller recently stated in their article on Sept. 27 that Mosby is currently looking into cases of police officers and their involvement of federal racketeering. This brilliant young woman is setting the precedent in the fight against oppression of minorities.


The death of Gray resulted in riots of people filled with frustration of not just his death, but the injustices that have resulted many times from young black men in the hands of the police and America’s justice system. For example, Feb. 26, 2012, Trayvon Martin was shot by then 29-year old George Zimmerman who considered the 17-year old to be dangerous for his thuggish appearance. Zimmerman was found not guilty. Tamir Rice, just 12 years old, was killed on Nov. 23, 2014 by rookie officer Timothy Loehmann in what he heard 911 dispatchers assume to be a gun held by the young boy. The Cleveland officer faced no charges.


The corruption in our legal justice system needs to be addressed and not ignored. Otherwise, unfortunate cases like Gray’s will remain an epitome of destruction among our society, further deepening the lines of racial tensions. We are human beings, and humans are not perfect. It’s understandable the amount of pressure police officers receive in situations where their life is on the line, yet is it necessary for the killings?


Stereotypes are just assumptions, and officers are regarded in their job to serve for equality and to combat crime, while also using their good judgement. When it comes to the overall being of all citizens, there should be no room for conjectures.


One thing we need to understand as a society is that there are always two sides of a story. Even though the videos seem to provide a good understanding of what happened, they are not the full view. We need to know what happened before. Was Freddie Gray running away from the police? Did he resist arrest? It seems unwarranted to blame one side when there is no sufficient evidence provided; yet even though, Gray’s death was still uncalled for and could have been prevented.


Together as a nation, people just need to place their preconceptions aside when it comes for serving justice for all, yet in a time where hatred seems to prevail over the hard earned privileges of the generations before us, this fight seems impossible. Remember though, that injustice did not stop women fighting for their right to vote, or African Americans in the Civil Rights Movement to fight for their belonging as citizens of America. Even though it has been proven that justice will not be restored to family members and friends of Gray’s, this outcome should and will not stop us from fighting for the rights of all. Justice will prevail.