YouTube vs Television

James Torrico, Writer

The world we know is slowly evolving. Many inventions of the 20th century, for example CDs, cassettes, pagers, records, etc are now becoming obsolete. From the past decades there are two inventions which appear to be extremely relevant which are television and the internet, but the internet looks to be taking over as the lone survivor. With the creation of YouTube, people have the ability to view a plethora of user made content. This platform allows people to broadcast videos all over the world of them doing whatever they want. This has inspired many people to use the website because unlike television, everyone and anyone can be on YouTube. Many YouTubers have big channels with millions of subscribers. With millions tuning in everyday, the desire to watch television has lessened.


In a day and age where originality has depleted immensely, television fails to show the undiscovered talent of many people out in the world which causes TV to not have the capability to deliver due to their limited content and strict rules on what can and cannot be on TV, as YouTube thrives towards the endless stream of originality. If you get tired of one type of YouTuber, there are million more content creators out there so satisfy your desire. With a new person joining the website everyday, there is never a scarcity of content.


Many people find that as they arrive home, instead of turning on their televisions, they go on their laptops, smartphones, or tablets and go to YouTube and check what their favorite youtubers have uploaded. Some of those youtubers include PhillyD, BFvsGF, McJuggerNuggets,  Smosh, PewDiePie, TheFineBros, etc. Their fans spend hours upon hours watching five to ten minute videos and the YouTube recommendation page captures our attention by display intriguing thumbnails that attract to watch the video. This causes an endless cycle and kills the desire for television but a big reason for the popularity is that youtube is a free service. As of now, television still has a commanding lead over viewership but as the millennials grow up and start taking over the world, television will become obsolete especially with the additions of paid streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, etc. Television’s life span is expiring and only time will tell how long it will last in this new society