CoverGirl’s Breaking the Norm

Fatima Rosas, Managing Editor

In midst of the presidential election people have grown worrisome of the new laws the chosen candidate may bring to the table and how those may affect what the public considers minority ethnic groups and the LGBT community. The magazine, CoverGirl, quickly changed the outlook of the tense situation during the month of Oct., when they  announced their first ever cover boy, James Charles. Then, quickly moving into the month of November, CoverGirl featured their first ever Muslim woman model to wear a hijab, Nura Afia.


James Charles is a seventeen year old high school student from Bethlehem, New York, who from the comfortable space of his room has managed to shock his 70,000 YouTube subscribers and now more than 600,000 followers on Instagram with his dazzling makeup looks.


Charles’ channel consists of glamorous makeup tutorials on YouTube, to butterfly effect inspired makeup looks on Instagram. The one year journey for Charles took a toll after announcing  his collaboration with world famous magazine, CoverGirl, on Oct. 11.  


The prestigious magazine has featured artist such as Ellen Degeneres, Sofia Vergara, and Katy Perry as well as other Hollywood celebrities.  


The revolution did not stop there; it continued when CoverGirl announced their campaign, “#Last Equality:bold, sexy lashes for all,” through Instagram on Nov. 6. The popular page posted a video of, Nura Afia, the first hijab-wearing model, giving her opinion on working with CoverGirl.


Afia, is a 24-year-old makeup artist and beauty blogger from Denver, Colorado, with an estimated 200,000 YouTube subscribers and 300,000 followers on Instagram. Instagram is where the world got to see more of her more glamor based content. In the advertisement, she featured the new “So Lashy” mascara.


The news were groundbreaking but CoverGirl has paved a way for representation of a diverse society. This is not a statement but instead a way of celebrating diversity among society, a form of relief in in hard times, in which it seems has it society is separating.


CoverGirl shows a promising future by keeping us on our toes by wondering what else they may have planned.