Feminism in Politics

Miranda Ramirez, Editor-In-Chief

What is feminism? In today’s society this definition seems to be twisted by those who do not know the true definition. These are the people who believe that feminists are man-hating women who hunger for power and refuse to conform to gender norms, like having silky smooth skin. However, this idea is wrong. Feminism is not about being the superior sex, it is about equality for both genders.

One of the best spokesman for this topic in today’s world is Hillary Clinton.

When asked about being a feminist in a Q&A from Shewinswewin.org Clinton responded with an answer that made me realize why she was a paragon for her followers.

“…I am a feminist because I believe that women deserve the same rights as men in every aspect of our economy and our society, here at home and around the world,” Clinton said. “…we have to do everything we can, through laws, regulations, culture, to change the still-existing stereotypes that hold women back….”

Hillary Clinton has exhibited multitudes of feminism empowerment throughout the majority of her candidate speeches, and I believe this has given her a political advantage. She has appealed to women who were around to see women gain the right to vote  in the 20s, and she has also appealed to young women and celebrities who believe in things such as equal pay and promoting gender equality.

This is not the first time the U.S. has seen a woman run for president; however, this is the furthest a female candidate has ever come to becoming a President of the United States and this may be because of her outspokenness for feminism.

Although we see women’s power greatly exhibited in Clinton, numerous sexual assault accusations have been made against her opponent Donald Trump.

During the People v. Turner case, there was a major upset due to the fact that a young man was sentenced only to six months in jail for a sexual assault case. I was disgusted that this young man walked away with nothing more than a slap on the wrist for doing something horribly wrong. If the upset was so great over a case of an ordinary person, then how can we let a man accused of such crimes run our country?