The Mystery of American Horror Story Season 6

Miranda Ramirez, Editor-In-Chief

The long awaited, “American Horror Story” season six, premiered on FX, Wednesday, Sept.14, at 7 p.m. with much anticipation from viewers across the nation. The theme was not revealed (as it had been in previous seasons) until the season’s debut. It is alleged to be composed of different people’s experiences of living in the small town of Roanoke, North Carolina.


I thought the season was going to be about a monster lurking in the woods, terrorizing victims; however, other conspirators believed that it might be about an alien abduction or even some sort of anti-christ story.


Watching the beginning of the sequence I soon began to believe that the story might be about the antichrist when I learned that main character, Shelby, was pregnant. However after viewers learn about events that occur with the character, that theory is immediately shot down.


The idea of an alien abduction ties into season two of “AHS” and as consistent viewers know, the writers of “AHS” are not known for repeating season themes, so the speculations for that were quickly abandoned.


As for the monster theory, this is yet to be proven wrong, especially with the strange title of this season’s theme: My Roanoke Nightmare.


Some might not know of the Roanoke, or the Lost Colony that mysteriously disappeared in the late 1500s. Nobody exactly knows what happened to the colony, some suspect that they joined a Native American Tribe known as the Croatans due to a single word, “CROATOAN” being carved into a building as a possible clue.


My thesis is that the writers of“AHS” have divulged upon this Lost Colony and made them into some sort of cult-like society that torments the people of Roanoke, North Carolina. Especially since there were some Blair Witch type moments depicted in the first episode. Time will only tell as the season unfolds.


As a horror film fanatic, I really enjoyed the aspects of various, original horror films that the writers have incorporated into the season’s first episode. I am excited to see how the writers develop and expand upon these horror aspects.