5 Questions with Leslie Fernandez and Alexis Ortiz

Mehak Khan, Staff Writer

On Saturday, May 16, AP Environmental Science students camped out up north for two nights and one day at the Santa Cruz Islands.

Q1: What did you do on the first day?

Leslie Fernandez, 12: On the first day we set up our camp and took a 5-mile hike; afterwards we all ate dinner.

Q2: Why were Santa Cruz Islands chosen for the fieldtrip location?

Alexis Ortiz, 12: It was a real campsite and there was nothing there. We didn’t even have internet connection; you were outdoors alone with different sorts of animals and bugs.

Q3: What did the students do for fun during the trip?

Fernandez: We played games such as capture the flag and went kayaking.

Q4: What did this fieldtrip help students learn?

Ortiz: We were outside and had to be one with the environment. We also couldn’t shower, so we learned how to become more involved with nature.

Q5: How did this fieldtrip contribute to what students already knew in class?

Fernandez: Through our hikes we were able to identify different types of rocks and trees. Everything we learned in class we saw out there.