5 Questions with Giovanni De Loera

Mireya Navarro, Staff Writer

Senior Giovanni De Loera has been offered four football scholarships by different universities this year, due to the attention he has received playing football at Downey High.

Q1:      What schools have offered you scholarships?

A1:      Wing State University, Western New Mexico University, Southwest Baptist University, and Robert Morris University


Q2:      How do you and your parents feel about your success?

A2:      I’m not super satisfied with myself but my parents are really happy. We used to live in a really bad part in Long Beach so for me to finally get out and do something with my talent is what’s hopefully going to help my family live a better life.


Q3:      What are your daily football routines to stay in shape?

A3:      Well, besides working out everyday and doing different sets of drills, I also have to keep my grades up. Keeping my grades up is my number one concern right now.


Q4:      What school do you have in mind and why?

A4:      Robert Morris University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania because of their academics and because they major in Film and Writing, which are the both majors I am trying to pursue.


Q5:      What’s the most stressful part about all this?

A5:      The most stressful part is that coaches are always calling you, and they want you to do things their way, while I’m still here undecided. So just imagine different coaches calling you to meet at different places when I, myself, can’t even figure out which offer is best for me. This whole thing is so stressful.