5 Questions with Mr. Paysse


Picture courtesy of Mr. Paysse.

Noemi Lozano , Copy Editor

Human Body Systems teacher, Mr. Paysee, recently took a trip to Rome, Italy during winter break.
Q1: How long did you plan for this trip?
A1: My significant other planned the trip a year in advance to celebrate my upcoming 50th birthday.
Q2: Why did you pick Rome?
A2: She chose the Eternal City because she knew I would enjoy seeing the ruins of the Empire, the Renaissance art, and the food.
Q3: What activities did you participate in?
A3: Walking up and down lots of stairs, and exploring Roman ruins, churches, museums and cafes.
Q4: What was the best part of your trip? What did you enjoy the most?
A4: Seeing the Vatican and visiting Florence, Italy for a day. We took a bullet train and saw Michelangelo’s David, climbed the Duomo, and went to the Galileo museum.
Q5: Would you rather go back to Rome or visit a new place?
A5: Two weeks in Rome is only enough time to “scratch the surface”. I would definitely go back in a heartbeat.