5 Questions with Martin Martinez

Matthew Palencia, Photographer

Senior Martin Martinez speaks about being a Raiders fan and his unconditioned love for the team throughout the years.

Q1: When did you become a fan?

A1: I became a fan in 2008; the team was influenced on me by my best friend and uncles.

Q2: Have you gone to a game?

A2: I have not gone to a game, but I do plan going next year.

Q3: Who’s your favorite player and why?

A3: My favorite player is Sebastian Janikowski because he has inspired me to be a       better field goal kicker.

Q4: Even though they aren’t playing well, what keeps you a fan?

A4: I’m still a fan because I stick with my team through the good and bad even if they cant make the playoffs.

Q5: Which moments make you the happiest to be a Raiders fan?

A5: When a lot of people go to my friend’s uncle’s house to watch the Raider games they are like a second family to me.