5 Questions with Apollo Verdi

Vivian Buenrostro, Co-Editor-in-Cheif

Senior Apollo Verdi has recently become a part of alternative rock band, Throughout Avalon, as their piano player.

Q1: When did you become a part of Throughout Avalon?

A1: “They were made two years ago; since their drummer is my cousin, I was always there. When their piano player left, they told me, so I learned piano in two months to be a part of it.”

Q2: Do you guys have any shows?

A2: “We play in Hollywood, The Whisky a Go-Go, The Queen Mary, some night clubs in Downey; we recently played at the Downey carnival at the Catholic Church, and we’re trying to get a show at the House of Blues soon.”

Q3: Do you [the band] write your own songs?

A3: “Yeah, we have 12 of our own songs. There’s a love song, “Falling into the Night” that is a fan favorite. One of the guys wrote it for his girlfriend, so it’s pretty cool.”

Q4: If people wanted to listen to your music or find out more about you guys, where would they look?

A4: “Facebook would be the best way right now. We’re actually recording our songs, officially, but we don’t like doing it with the studio. We like doing it ourselves because we have all the equipment, so we’re working on getting those on other places like Instagram and Twitter.”

Q5: Besides learning piano, have you learned anything else? Perhaps about yourself?

A5: “Well, the songs, they touch me, because they’re personal songs about relationships, being the outcast and standing up to everybody and I can relate to some.”