5 Questions with Ma Nadeschka

Mireya Navarro, Staff Writer

After winning Downey’s Best Dance Crew last year, Street Ninjas member, Ma Nadeschka Estocado decided to take dancing to the next step. Due to her passion for choreography, she created a club to teach other people her dance moves. “Its not just any dance club,” Estocado stated, “it’s a mob club.”


Q1: How long have you been dancing?

A1: For about 5-6 years. I actually danced at the YMCA when I was little, and then I stopped but started dancing again last year.

Q2: Was last year the first time you danced in front of a live audience?

A2: Well, while dancing for the YMCA, I performed once, but that’s it.

Q3: What is your position in the new club, The District?

A3: I am the one who started it, so I am actually the president of the club. I am also the choreographer.

Q4: Have a lot of students joined the club?

A4: We have a decent amount. Not too much and not too little, which is good because teaching a lot of people is kind of hard, especially when they have sports and other activities after school.

Q5: What are your plans this year for the club?

A5: Well we’re planning to do an event on Halloween during school and also in December before winter break. For now, that’s all we have coming.