5 Questions with Ms. Flores

Mizhelle Cortes, Writer/ Business Team

Ms. Flores, the newest teacher in the English department, shares her interest and involvement with the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus.

1. Where do you work?

I work at the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus when they’re in town. When they come twice a year, I get called in and sometimes serve as a stationary clown, which means that I am put in one place and meet and greet people.

2. How did your interest in the circus develop?

My master drama teacher at the time, when I was in high school, introduced me to clowning.

3. Did you need any training?

I went to clown college, which is called Ringling Bros. and Bailey Clown College.  It was an amazing place where they taught me about clown makeup, clown costumes, and slapstick comedy.

4. What are some things you do as a part of the circus troupe?

We develop shows and comedy routines that we do during intermission. We do a lot of slapstick comedy that involves buffoonery and funny physical movements.  If one of the performers is sick, I am what is called an understudy and I take on the roll for whatever the performance calls for.

5. What is your favorite memory?

There was a clown named Frijolito Payasito and he was a short man. He taught us the meaning of really being a clown and how being a clown is not just about putting on makeup and making people happy, but always carrying joy around. My happiest moments were performing with him. My saddest moment was when he died of leukemia, but his spirit still stays with us. Up to this day whenever I put on a costume, or even when I don’t, I try to be happy and positive because it was the way he was. He was just a beam of shining light, so performing with Frijolito the clown is my favorite.