Five Questions with Christian Cruz

Esther Rodriguez , Parents & Teachers Section Editor

Because he discovered that blue was his favorite color in elementary school, senior Christian Cruz wears all blue clothing every single day to school.

Q1. When did you decide you were going to wear blue everyday to school?

A1. I’ve always worn blue ever since middle school. I’ve always loved the color blue. Even as a freshman, I’ve always worn the color blue.  I just have a lot of love for the color blue.

Q2. Why the color blue?

A2. Well, even before middle school, in elementary school, when they taught us about the colors, there was always one color that caught my eye, and it was blue, and ever since that day, I decided I liked blue. Everything I wear is blue. Even candies, I eat the blue ones.

Q3.What influences you to wear the color blue every day?

A3. I’m not sure. Everyone has their own favorite color, and blue tends to stick out a lot.

Q4. How long will you continue to wear blue everyday?

A4. Well, it depends. Once I get a job blue might be a bit outrageous, but probably when I’m a father, I’ll continue to wear blue everyday.

Q5. What do your friends and family think of you wearing blue everyday?

A5. They just know me as wearing blue everyday. If I try to any other color, they’ll say that’s not really me. They say blue really fits me.