Five Questions with Joseph Navarro

Lauren Rodriguez, Writer/Student Life Editor

At the end of the 2012-2013 school year, junior Joseph Navarro began selling churros to save money to buy a car and he continues to do so, but now for a helpful charity, The Amigos Club.

Q1. Why did you begin to sell churros and when did you start?

A: I started selling churros because I wanted to buy a car. I started to sell them the last three months of school because it was cold and I would eat churros a lot so I thought I should sell them.

Q2. How many do you buy every morning and by what time do you sell out?

A: Every morning I buy 50 and I usually sell out by snack.

Q3. Do teachers ever get upset about you bringing and selling food in class and how did you get permission to continue selling?

A: Only one teacher gets upset. I got permission because I talked to Mr. Baker and he agreed that if I donated $20 a week to a charity going on around school that I could continue selling. Last year I donated to Mario Galvan because he had cancer; this year I donate to The Amigos Club.

Q4. How do you make churros and does it affect your schedule in the morning?

A: I don’t make them; my dad buys them every morning so I don’t have to wake up earlier.

Q5. How much profit do you make?

A. I make about 100 dollars profit every week because I give 20 dollars a week to The Amigos Club.