Five Questions with Alex Perez

Esther Rodriguez, Parents & Teachers Section Editor

A swimmer for Commerce Aquatics since the age of six, junior Alex Perez, is also a 5-time participant of the Junior Olympics.


Q1. What do you like most about water polo?

A1. Just the teamwork and it’s a lot of fun, and you want to play a sport that you love.


Q2. How long have you been playing water polo?

A2. I made the water polo team when I was seven years old.


Q3. Who is your inspiration in water polo?

A3. Brenda Villa because she came from Commerce Water Polo. She actually just retired, but she’s a four-time Olympian and the Women’s USA team captain.


Q4. What do you hope will come from you being in the Junior Olympics?

A4. Being in the Junior Olympics? Well, there are a lot of scouts there for college, so I hope I will get recognized by one of them for an athletic scholarship. They have a lot of CSUs, LMU, and Cal Baptist, which is where I want to go.


Q5. Are you striving to participate in the Olympics?
A5. I wanted to when I was younger, however, I would had to have made the national team this year. They’re looking for taller girls, who take up more space in the water. It’s not impossible, but it’s too late.