Five Questions with Michelle Kam


Kaylee Camacho, Public Relations Manager

Q1: How serious are you about your grades?


A1: Although there are few exceptions like my family and health, my grades are my priority out of EVERYTHING. Since the reason I moved to the States is ”to get into a university for a steady career,” I would say everthing I need to get to a good college of my choice is priority; for example, my grades, extracurricular activites, AP classes, and SAT scores.



Q2: Why do you study so much?


A2: Studying is the way for a better life! I believe that studying (going to a good college) will bring me a better life. Some people don’t believe that but I think it is important to study hard when you’re young and go to a good college in order to succeed in getting a good career and to live a more comfortable and easier life than others. Studying hard now is going to be worth it later on in my life.



Q3: What do you want to major in?


A3: I want to major in nursing or pharmacy. Pharmacy’s actually my mom’s goal for me because it’s a really steady career profession, but pharmacy doesn’t interest me as much as much as nursing does.



Q4: What’s your motivation to study?


A4: My motivation to study is my future and my brothers. First, my future because I know that by studying, I am brightening my future. Also, my brothers because I am the oldest child of the family, I serve as a role model for them. I adore and love my twin little brothers and I want the best for them! It wouldn’t be a lie if I said that I study and conduct myself in the way I do now for my brothers.



Q5: Do you have any study tips for students that are also preparing for the SATs?


A5: My study tips for the students who are preparing for the SATs….MEMORIZE A LOT OF VOCABULARY! It’s important. It’s also really important to be able to manage your time that is provided for the test!