Five Questions with Sophia Paik

Joey Flores, News Editor

Q1: You are co-president of CSF and secretary for Key Club, amongst other board member positions. What is your main motivation to be involved in these clubs, especially as a board member?

A1: Well, for Key Club, I have compassion and the urge to serve the community. Ever since I was young, the community offered a lot of stuff to me. Like the Downey City Library offers the Summer Reading Program, and I always loved doing that. I feel like Downey offers so many things to us and it makes me want to give back. And for CSF, I did it for academic reasons, and I did it to help people see their academic goals and to help recognize their academic achievements.


Q2: As a Key Club board member, what do you hope to improve on in the club?

A2: First of all, I really want to see people get more involved. Right now, our club members aren’t as involved as I’d like them to be. They’ll come out to one or two events, and sometimes not even one event for a month. I want them to become more active, and not because it’ll look good for college. I mean, at first it’s not really bad if they’re doing it for college, but by the end I want them to be doing it because they genuinely want to give back to the community.


Q3: What initially interested you in Key Club?

A3: To be honest, my sister was president of Key Club, so that’s why I joined, even though I didn’t really know what it was at first. When I found out it was for community service I thought it was interesting to serve the community, and I thought it was a fun way to serve because in the process, you meet a lot of new people.


Q4: How do you juggle AP and honors classes and your club duties?

A4: It’s all about time management. Sometimes I procrastinate, but it really is about learning how to manage your time. And I think sleep deprivation plays a huge part, but I also think it’s worth it in the end.


Q5: Do you have any advice for future ambitious students?

A5: Just go for it, you know? High school only comes once, so you don’t want to miss the opportunities that it offers. Don’t just study because then you’re going to look back and regret it and ask yourself why you didn’t get involved in clubs. Really consider joining a club and especially a sport because I personally think that sports are a great way to meet people. So you should just go all out because it’s only four years and you’re only young once.